American Eagle Credit Card Payment

American Eagle offers many convenient payment options to pay the credit card bill. The most convenient way to pay your American Eagle credit card payment is online. There, you also have access to your account information such as credit limit and available credit, amount due, billing and payment information, and more. To make a payment online, follow the simple steps displayed on the site to set up the payment. Should you choose not to pay online, another method of payment that is acceptable is to pay over the phone by calling 1-800-843-0875. Payments can also be sent through the mail, and for the correct address to send it to, you would need to look on your bill or call and speak to a representative to make sure your payment goes to the correct location.

American Eagle Credit Card Overview

American Eagle Outfitters is a fashionable apparel shop targeted toward selling to teens younger adults. They offer apparel, footwear, and accessories for both men and women. For those who admire the stylish attire that is offered at rather modest pricing when compared to competitors, American Eagle offers two options for credit cards. Consumers can select from the American Eagle Outfitters Store Card or the American Eagle Outfitters Visa Card. Both of the American Eagle credit cards can be used at any AE, Aerie, or 77kids store location or online and the Visa can be used additionally anywhere that Visa cards are accepted.

The AEO Store and the AEO Visa card are both issued by GE Money Bank and can be applied for at any AEO, Aerie, or 77kids store or through an online application, and both options will give the applicant an instant response regarding credit approval or denial. Along with convenient shopping, obtaining an American Eagle credit card means enjoying the card member rewards and benefits available only to those who posses an AOE card.

Benefits of the American Eagle Credit Card

There are many advantages to obtaining either of the AEO credit cards, most especially if you love to shop and shop AEO often. Many additional savings are offered to AEO cardholders, as well as a rewards program for even more savings. The savings begin right away, as upon your application and being accepted, you are given 15% your very first purchase using the card and that is in addition to any current promotions. Card users will earn a 4% bonus, called Extra Savings on card purchases, which accumulate and are valid for future purchases. If an email address is supplied, cardholders also receive a 20% off birthday coupon via email at the beginning of the cardholder’s birth month.

All consumers carrying the American Eagle credit card are automatically enrolled into the AEREWARD$ Program, where 1 point is earned for every dollar spent at any of the three affiliated sites (AE, Aerie, or 77kids) in store or online. Every three months, points are tallied and the redeemable rewards are mailed to AEO cardholders. All of this is in addition to the exclusive invitation cardholders will receive, which invites them to attend a special sale held only four times per year and is only for AEO card members.

Credit Card Tips

How to Discontinue Credit Card Payment Protection

To avoid the monthly charge, notify customer service for the credit card provider by phone and inform them that you no longer wish to have credit card payment protection coverage. It will be necessary to give all the pertinent personal information to prove you are who you say you are.

Find the “Contact Us” link on the credit card site and send an email that informs them of your intentions to opt out of the credit card protection plan. Clearly state when you want the service discontinued.

Write a letter that states your intention to stop paying for the payment protection service. You will need the signatures of all those authorized to charge on the credit card account to make the letter binding.

Once you have made all the notifications that you will no longer need the payment protection service, you may need to access your account online to be sure that no more payments are taken automatically from your checking or savings.

When the next credit card payment is due after you contact the provider to stop the protection service, suspend their right to take the money each month by accessing your credit card account and canceling the automatic reoccurring payment. When you stop the payments, your credit card provider will terminate the protection coverage.

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