AT&T Universal Card Online Bill Payment

If you are still paying your AT&T statement in person or via snail mail each month, it is time to move into the 21st century. It is expensive and time consuming to consider these old modes of paying bills when you have AT&T credit card payment online as a free and useful service. Every customer who has a card can do almost all payments without ever leaving home or walking to the mailbox.

Banking in this way is called a virtual system and it is definitely the best way to handle your financial affairs. Even though you may have been concerned in the past for the safety of the internet as it pertains to your personal information, rest assured that the safety of your credit information is well addressed by AT&T online credit card payment. Protection for the cardholder has long been a top concern at AT&T, and safeguards have been placed within the system that are second to none.

Top Reasons for Online Credit Card Payment with AT&T

1. Payment of bills in an easier and faster way
2. Quickly find all the information concerning card activity
3. Receive necessary account information by way of email
4. Do away with the paperwork in your life with online statements

You get just the information you ask to receive from AT&T by way of your in box. Any promotions or new products will be sent to you if that is what you request. You will be notified of any activity within your account that seems unusual or important, but AT&T will not email you for other reasons unless you request it. Additionally, your personal information remains confidential at all times.

What Makes Online Credit Card Payment Secure at AT&T

VeriSign is responsible for your data’s confidentiality and provides the most protection possible for all sensitive information. The site is further administered by the Citibank Privacy Policy, which goes under the principle that no information will be given out to anyone other than those allowed by law to receive it. The AT&T online credit card payment system is safer in some respects than walking into the bank to do your business.

Set up payments for all your utilities that occur each month so you don’t have to worry with them. Making online credit card payment  will save 10% in your first year as a cardholder and 5% afterwards. Making several payments at the same time isn’t a problem and everything is documented through your account. Nowhere else can you get so many beneficial extras and efficient management of your money at the same time.

Each time you use your card to pay bills other than those pertaining to AT&T services, you get a reward point for each dollar spent. This can add up to as many as 50,000 points in a year’s time. This is small way for AT&T to thank you for being a good customer.

Credit card payment online saves on postage as well as paper, and since you have zero liability for any charges that are not authorized, you have no expenses incurred attempting to get reimbursed for such fraud.

If you want to know more about AT&T Universal online credit cards, check out the AT&T website and see all the advantages you will have as a cardholder with AT&T.

Credit Card Tips

Consolidate Credit Card Bills

You may have multiple credit cards with varying balances on each one. After you pay your bills each month, you feel like you will never get out of debt. You want your bills paid and to survive on a reasonable amount of money, so why not consider consolidating all those credit card balances into one easy to manage account?

First, make a list of all your credit cards and the balance owed on each one. Check to see if any of your cards have credit limit availability. Many card issuers offer card holders the flexibility of transferring an outstanding due balance from another card, often times at a lower interest rate.

You can consolidate your lower card balances onto a card with a higher credit limit. When you move a small balance onto another card, you eliminate a monthly bill. As you consolidate these cards, you can close out the accounts that will now have zero balances.

Pay your bill on time to avoid late fees. You will be able to afford to pay more on the card debt when you don’t have to divide the money up to meet minimum payments due on multiple cards. The more you pay each month, the sooner you will pay off the debt.

Close out the accounts and cancel the cards as you pay them off. When you reduce the number of your open credit cards, your credit rating is improved. This makes it possible to obtain an increase in your credit line. A credit line increase allows you to continue to consolidate other credit cards and small loans that still have balances.

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