Bergner’s Credit Card Payment

There are several different ways in which one can pay their monthly bill. The most popular is online payment. This is offered through a payment processing website, and is completely secure. Before the first payment can be made, registration will be required. The registration process will allow you to set up a user name and password that can be used to make future payments, as well as to monitor account activity.

Once registration is complete, you will be able to log in and select the option to make a payment. From there you will need to enter the desired payment amount, and the method of payment that you wish to use. All major credit and debit cards are accepted for online payments. If the payment is submitted early in the day, it should post to the account on the same day. Otherwise, it will be posted on the next day.

Standard mailed payments are also accepted. These can be either checks or money orders. The address that this type of payment should be mailed to is included with the monthly statement information. Always mail payments well in advance of the due date to avoid potential problems or late fees.

It is important to note that gift cards are not accepted as a form of payment.

Bergner’s Credit Card Benefits

As with most department store options, this one does carry a rewards system. The system is based on points, which can be earned at a rate of one per dollar spent. For every 500 points that are earned, a one day shopping pass will be issued. This pass offers the holder an entire day worth of discounts. The discount amount vary by department, and are generally in the 15-20% range. There are some departments in which discounts are not available using this pass. Furniture, mattresses, rugs, and furniture accessories are the only exceptions.

There are different levels that can be achieved. Each will allow the shopper to earn even greater rewards. The lowest level is Classic. From there, Signature, Signature Select, and Elite will be available to those that have earned enough points. To classify for Classic level, 0-499 points must be earned. After that, each new level can be achieved with a total of 500 points above the last. The amount of points needed to reach elite status is 1,500.

Bergner’s Credit Card Overview

This card can be used at a number of affiliated stores. The complete list of stores can be found on their website. Applications must be completed at a store location, and cannot be completed online at this time. The interest rate may vary, but is typically slightly over 20%. General terms apply.

Credit Card Tips

Info On Credit Card Company Late Payment Resolution

First, look at past statements from your credit card provider to make sure you know the correct day of the month payments are due, and then go to your bank to get a report on all debited payments and on what dates they took place during any months that you are shown having made late payments.

After comparing the due date to the time that money came out of your account, you will be able to verify whether you made your payment when you were required to do so. With this information in hand, call customer service at the credit card provider and request a supervisor to handle your call.

Tell them you have proof that you were timely with your payments and the reports to the credit bureaus are wrong. Always get the name of the person with whom you speak and an address where you can send copies of the documentation and a letter complaining of their mistake.

Lodge a formal complaint and ask that the incorrect payment logs be rectified with all due haste and the credit bureaus be issued the corrected payment history.

On your bank statements, use a highlighter to make it clear what the dates were when the payments were actually made. Also, on the credit report highlight the dates that reflect the incorrect payment dates so the errors are clear to see. Send your explanation and documentation to the address provided by the credit card company customer service supervisor.

Allow two weeks for the credit card provider to update the information and then call again. Request the same supervisor you spoke with initially and get verbal confirmation that the changes have been made to your credit report.

If the erroneous reports have not been changed, inform the supervisor that you are aware that you have a right to file suit under The Fair Credit Reporting Act. Assure them you will do so if the information is not corrected immediately.

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