Best Western Credit Card Payment Online

Best Western is a popular hotel chain that has locations almost anywhere you go. If you travel in your job or for pleasure, there are probably times when you have stayed at a Best Western somewhere. The accommodations are noted for being very comfortable and homey.

You should drop by the Best Western credit card website to see all the advantages you have with the Best Western MasterCard. One reason you will like having the card is that for every dollar you spend using it, you earn 1-1/2 Best Western reward points. These accumulate as you use the card and can be redeemed at any Best Western anywhere in the world. The first time you use your new Best Western MasterCard, you’ll get 5000 bonus reward points.

Anytime of the day or night you can get customer service assistance for any problems you have and your account is accessible whenever you login to it.

Another great reason for having the Best Western credit card is that there is no annual fee to pay as with some other cards. Additionally, there is protection 24 hours every day from fraud.

Convenience of Best Western Credit Card

No matter how frequently or infrequently you stay at a hotel, you might like the convenience of having your own Best Western MasterCard. If you are accepted after application, you will be able to make an online credit card payment to pay your Best Western card balance.

Did you know that Best Western is located in more than 80 different countries? The Best Western brand is the largest on the planet and recognized by almost everyone in the civilized world. This makes it clear why owning the MasterCard from Best Western is such a prestigious honor.

One of the most obvious reasons for having a Best Western credit card is to reserve a room for you and/or your family. This relieves some of the worry associated with traveling. When you make reservations with the Best Western credit card, you are assured that the room will be available on the day you are scheduled to arrive.

In some circumstances, prepayment may be necessary for the room to be held, but in most cases you are never charged before your arrival. You then have the option of charging the room on the card or paying cash.

Credit Card Tips

Tips on How to Compare Secured Credit Cards

There are some important things to consider when comparing secured credit cards.

What are secured credit cards?

A secured credit card is one that has collateral. A $400 secured card means you have deposited $400 in an account which you can draw money from using the credit card. The issuing bank assumes no risk because you fund the card prior to making card purchases.

Where can I find secured credit cards?

Websites such as and offer information on places that offer no interest and secured credit cards. You can also contact your local credit union or bank to see if they offer secured card options. You may have to do some research because not all banks offer secured credit cards.

What charges and fees can I expect to pay?

Most secured credit card issuers charge an annual administration fee. The amount of this fee varies per card issuer, so you want to shop around for the best rate. Some companies also charge an application fee. Since this is not a common practice, you should shop around and find a secured card issuer that does not charge this fee.

What are “guaranteed” credit cards?

Watch out for advertisements for “guaranteed” credit cards. Disreputable companies have strategies to exploit those with bad credit by charging a fee for a guaranteed credit card. What they actually do is send them an application for a secured credit card, and there is no need to use their services. People can contact the card issuing credit unions and banks directly to apply, so don’t fall for this gimmick.

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