Bob’s Discount Furniture Credit Card Payment

Wells Fargo issues this credit card. There are two different benefit options offered to new users. These are directly linked to how much money is spent. Those who wish to apply for this product will need to visit a physical location and fill out an application, as online applications are not available at this time.

There are currently forty different locations. In addition to high quality discount furniture, Bob’s offers a unique shopping experience. A gourmet coffee and baked goods shops are included in each store location. Living room, dining rooms, bedroom, home office, mattress and more are offered. What this store offers is a large variety, at great prices.

Bob’s Discount Furniture Credit Card Payment Options

The traditional methods of mailing a check or money order are one payment option. These payments should be directed to the payment processor address that is listed on the bill. Since this account will be payable to Wells Fargo, payments cannot be accepted at Bob’s store locations.

Online payments can also be made. This should be done via the Wells Fargo website. Registration is required, and once this is completed, there are several different payment methods accepted. Those that bank with Wells Fargo will be able to use the BillPay option for one time or automated payments from the current bank account.

Those that wish to finances their purchase with this retailer would do well to take advantage of either of the zero interest options. So long as the spending limits are met, anyone can take advantage of these offers. With store locations throughout the northeast, those that live in these areas can easily visit the location nearest them and apply for this special financing. To apply, simply fill out the application. Be sure to bring personal identification when filling out the application, as it is required.

Benefits of Bob’s Discount Furniture Credit Card

Benefits include two different interest based options. Zero interest for a period of up to six months is the first option. This option is only available if the total purchase is $600 or more. Basic monthly payments must be made on time in order to keep the interest rate. If the balance is not paid within six months, regular interest rates will apply to any outstanding balance.

The second option is for those that spend $1200 or more in one purchase. This option is also qualifies the purchasers to a zero interest rate, with the difference being that this will be for a period of twelve months. The same rules apply as the six month option. Payments will need to be made on time, and an remaining balance after the twelve month period will be subject to having the basic interest rate applied.

Credit Card Tips

Getting Payments Down On Credit Cards Is Possible

Getting payments down on credit cards requires spending wisely. If the credit charges keep adding up, then the payments will also continue to climb. The card should be used only for absolute emergency purchases.

It is important to know the minimum payment terms applicable on the card. By knowing all the details about how the minimum payment is determined, the cardholder can manage the payment in a better way. A fixed minimum payment is charged on some cards, while on others a minimum percentage of the balance is charged. To check which rule applies, the cardholder should carefully check the card’s terms and conditions.

The progress should be monitored using a chart. The chart can be prepared with the help of a spreadsheet program. The minimum payment as well as the balance should be recorded. The chart should be updated monthly. This will help keep track of the reduction in the debt and payment history.

If the cardholder wants to change the payment terms or reduce the interest rate applicable on the card then they need to talk to the creditor. While there are some terms that cannot be changed in any way, others can be negotiated. It is a good idea to talk to a credit card company agent to see if any modification in the terms is possible. They are aware of all the terms and conditions. Solutions offered by them will help solve the problem.

Balances can be transferred to a card using terms that are favorable. It is better to use a card where on the balance transfer lower interest rate is charged. Such options make the payments less problematic.

Debt consolidation is an effective way to lower the payment. However, it should not be used as a first choice because then the credit rating of the individual goes down. This option should be tried only if all the other options fail. Getting payments down on credit cards requires being aware of all the solutions available.

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