Cabelas Credit Card Payment Online

Cabelas has locations all around the country, and they specialize in many kinds of outdoor equipment and clothing. With more than 200,000 products to choose from, hunters and campers represent just two of the groups that love to shop at Cabelas. Their product line is available for mail order purchases as well as online.

If you shop from Cabelas regularly, you might consider the Cabela’s Club Visa card. When you make purchases with the Visa card you earn reward points, which convert to dollars off your purchases at their store. Unlike some time sensitive reward point offers, you can earn as many points as you want and they are good for as long as you maintain your credit card by making timely payments.

Online Credit Card Payment and the Cabela’s Club Visa

The Cabela’s Visa gives cardholders the inside track on specials and discounts because they receive offers the general public never sees. The Club offers the ability of credit card payment online and all transactions have the flexibility of being sent to your Microsoft Money or Quicken database.

For the convenience of paying online, you must provide the correct requested information online at the Cabelas website. Once you’ve given all the specifics, you can make online credit card payment by 5:00 PM CST and the payment will be credited to your account on the same day. Payments default to a one-time payment so you don’t have to worry that you will have an unsuspected deduction from your bank account.

The Cabelas Visa does give the option of automatic payments if you so choose. This must be set up by you and has the options of paying a set amount, the minimum due amount, or the entire balance. You will find this option under the “Services” tab and by selecting the “Forms” option.

Online credit card payment is the wave of the future because it places you in much better control of your account. When you mail a check, you are at the mercy of the postal service and your payment can be delayed, and it costs money for postage, too. Online payments, and more notably the auto-pay option, ensure your payment is sent on time so that your credit rating stays high. You can also monitor what happens on your account to be sure no unauthorized activity takes place.

Reasons to Sign up for Cabela’s Visa

It only takes moments to make your Cabela’s Club Visa Card application and it is done online. If you qualify, you will be approved instantly and receive $15 toward a purchase from Cabelas. You have to be at least 18 years of age before you can submit an application through their secure website.

Another feature of the Cabela’s charge card is “Payment Assurance,” which protects you in the event you lose your means of income by hospitalization, involuntary unemployment, or because you become disabled temporarily. In addition to stopping any payments due Cabelas for the named reasons, signing up provides you with $10 worth of free gear!

Credit Card Tips

Micropayments for Paying Off Credit Card Debt

Micropayments are a good way to get credit cards paid off faster, which is a comfort to the millions of people faced with this common debt dilemma. The only way to obtain a sound financial base is to get rid of credit card balances.

The term “average daily balance” on the credit card statement indicates to you that interest is being computed daily on your unpaid balance. Instead of waiting until the required payment date for your bill, paying all along as you can afford to do so reduces your balance and saves interest charges. If you only pay once per month, it is costing you money.

The providers of your credit card are required to accept any payment you send, as long as they know what account to credit it to. Micropayment works under the simple premise that you pay something as soon as you have the funds to do so. You must be able to receive enough money to meet your other obligations on time and pay early on your credit card to make this system work.

Concentrate on paying off the highest interest card first if you have more than one card with a balance. Pay as often and as much as you can toward the first card and the minimum to the other(s). When the first card is paid off, contribute the amount you were paying to it to the next card until no balance remains. Repeat the same steps until all your cards are balance free.

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