Chase ToysRus Credit Card Payment

As with most successful retail chains, Toys R Us offers their own branded credit card, Toys R Us has teamed up with Chase to offer this MasterCard. Not all credit based offers are created equal. Understanding what makes this product different from all of the other products out there will help one make an educated decision as to if this product is a good choice.

How to Make Chase Toysrus Credit Card Payment?

The standard method of mailing in a payment still exists. However, most people now opt to pay online. Chase offers this service, as well as the ability to check balances, view recent purchases, request limit increases, and more. To pay online, the user will need to register with the Chase site, and use the secure system to enter their payment method. This information can be saved in order to make future payments faster.

When combined with paperless electronic billing, online bill payment is a great way to be greener. Chase guarantees that the process is secure, and must time and money has been spent on security. Additionally, this is the fastest way to pay, and provides access to many other features that will help customers manage their spending.

Those that have children or grandchildren will likely be most interested in this card. When used regularly, the rewards can add up quickly. While this is not a high risk offering, those with less than perfect credit are still invited to apply. This is a financially sound product that is backed by Chase. Ease of use, rewards, and a superior online payment system make this product an excellent choice.

What is Chase Toysrus Credit Card?

This is a rewards based card that offers users the chance to earn points on purchases made anywhere. Higher points can be earned by shopping at Toys R Us and Babies R Us stores. This product can be used anywhere that MasterCard is accepted, which is virtually everywhere. It does carry a variable annual percentage rate. Before applying, it is best to learn what the current rate is.

Advantages of Chase Toysrus Credit Card

The reward system would be the biggest advantage. This is based on a points system. Users earn 4 points on every dollar that they spend at Toys R Us and Babies R Us. One point is earned on every purchase made at other locations. Once one thousand points have been accumulated, these points can be redeemed for a $10 savings at any of their stores.

Another advantage is the fact that there is no annual fee. Additionally, the same benefits that come with each MasterCard are included. Purchase protection, insurance to cover rental cars, and travel insurance are the highlights of these extra benefits.

A reasonable interest rate and low introductory rate are also attractive. This can be applied to balance transfers, as well as to new purchases. This period is a generous six months, making this one of the more attractive options available today.

Credit Card Tips

Prevent Credit Card Theft

To prevent critical information from being accessed by criminals, tear up or shred all statements from your credit card provider and any credit report information. If your credit card statement is late, call the card provider to check its status.

At least yearly, you should check all the activity on your bank and credit card accounts. Go over every transaction and charge and check them back to your personal records. If anything seems amiss, double-check until you are sure the charge was legitimate.

You won’t receive any offers for pre-approved credit cards if you can convince the 3 credit reporting bureaus to remove your name from their reports. Destroy all mail from banks and other financial institutions so there is less opportunity for someone to steal your identity.

Do not allow your social security number to be printed on anything public. Do not allow your SS# to be included on checks. Some applications may require you to give your SS#, but never do so without being convinced that it is necessary. The first information identity thieves try to get is a social security number.

Scan or copy your important documents to be sure you have the information in the event someone steals them. These include your driver’s license, passport, credit cards, and ATM card. Be sure to get both sides of your credit cards. Note expiration dates and phone numbers beside each copy.

Each year, request a statement for your Social Security benefits and earnings so you see if anything unusual has transpired. Cancel credit cards that you seldom use.

Make arrangements for someone to get your mail when you are going to be gone for even a few days. Don’t put anything in your mailbox that has any vital information on it because thieves are getting bolder about stealing from mailboxes.

Be very focused when you use a credit card either online, by telephone, or in person. Never purchase anything on a website that does not have a secure signature. Never give your credit card information out when it is requested by email. Your credit card provider will not notify you to give them information about your account, which they already have.

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  1. Cheryl Allen March 22, 2013 at 9:32 pm #

    I have paid everything I owe you people. I got a call about 6 weeks ago and paid the bill online and I got another call week before last about another amount that I owed you. I received an email on 3/1/13 stating I had a 0 balance which is as it should be. I got a letter in the mail on 3/8/13 stating that I owe you an unspecified amount. I have shredded my card and will never have another toysrus card because I have never been late on a payment but I’ve been paying late charges everytime one of your people call me. Get your crap together or I will hire an attorney – I owe you nothing!

  2. rene September 24, 2014 at 12:56 pm #

    I still have problems when I try to make my payments it should be more easy

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