Menards Big Card Payment Online

Online payments are accepted for both the Big Card, as well as the Contractor’s Card. It is important to note that the online payment website is different for each of these products. Registration will need to be completed on each of these websites before your bill can be paid online. Registration requires inputting basic information about yourself, as well as information about your account.

To make a payment, log in. Select the button to make a payment. Enter the amount you would like to pay. This amount must be at least the minimum payment amount. Enter the form in which you would like to fund this payment. All major credit and debit cards are accepted. Bank account drafts are also accepted. Bank account payments require that you enter the name of your bank, account number, and routing number. These numbers are located along the bottom of your checks. If you do not have checks, call your bank. They will be happy to provide this information.

Once the payment type has been selected and entered, submit the transaction. A successful transaction will product a receipt on the next page. Do not click “submit” more than once, as this could generate a second submission. Once you have your receipt and confirmation number, log out.

Other Menards Big Card Payment Options

Mailed payments are accepted. There are different payment processing addresses for those that live in different areas of the country. The address for your state can be found on the Payment Center page. There are also different addresses for overnight bill paying. These addresses are also located on the Payment Center page.

Bills can also be paid over the phone by calling the Customer Service phone number located on the back of your card. Credit and debit cards are accepted for paying your bill over the phone.

Menards Big Card Benefits

A 2% cash back annual bonus is one of the top benefits of owning this card. The bonus certificate can only be used for purchases at Menards store locations. New users will receive a $10 gift certificate upon charging their first $100 in purchases. Card holders will be privy to special discounts and financing offers. These will vary throughout the year. Enrollment in the Big Savers Club is automatic, and will help users find even more savings.

There is also a 1% cash back annual bonus for purchases made at Speedway, Holiday, SuperAmerica, Kwik Trip, and Kwik Star stores. Again, this bonus can only be used at store locations. The contractor version allows employers to easily track employee spending. Both versions can be applied for either online, or at any store location. Interest rates are in the 25% range. This rate can be higher is late payments are made.

Credit Card Tips

Credit Card Review Tips

When selecting a credit card, consider everything that you will need one for, both currently and in the near future. There are many different uses for credit cards. You may need a rewards program with your card because you will be using it for business and/or travel purchases, or you may need to get cash quick while traveling.

If you fly often, that is a good reason to have reward points that can be put toward airline tickets and save you money. Weigh carefully the different uses and choose the card that suits your needs and lifestyle the most.

Determine what card features the best interest rate based on any introductory rates and what the standard rate will be after that period. The interest rates for balance transfers and cash advances has a bearing as well. Another concern is if the rate is fixed or variable. Those that are based on what the prime is on any particular day can change quickly and often.

The interest rate is not the only concern for expenses applied to a credit card. Some have membership fees that must be paid each year, but others do not. Fees for spending above your limit in a specified period or for paying late can add up to an expensive card to use. Learn what all these services and charges are before you make application for a credit card.

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  1. Daniel Brehm March 12, 2012 at 2:20 pm #

    I have a Contractor Card since 2001. Have never receive a new card since the 1st card. The customer service hotline only repeats information that I’m not looking for. I need to talk to a person, not a machine. My card is damaged enough to cause issues when trying to use. All my other cards send me a new card after so many years. How do I reach a person!! If your Customer Service cannot help with my Contractor Card, just let me know. 612-219-5579

  2. arthur urban February 14, 2013 at 9:52 pm #

    why do you make it so difficult to pay a bill on line?

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