PC Richards Credit Card Payment

Online payments should be made via the GE Money Bank website. This is because it is GE Money Bank that actually issues this card. Upon your first visit to the site, complete the free registration in order to proceed to the payment options. Once this is done, you will be able to log in using your user name and password.

Once logged in, select either: one time payment, future payment, or automatic payment. For a one time bill pay, enter the amount you wish to pay, as well as how you wish to submit the funds. This can be done using any major credit or debit card, as well as by linking to your bank account.

Future payments can be done in the same way, with the only exception being that you will need to select a date on which the payment should be initiated. This date should of course be set to a day before the actual bill is due. Once this has been set, the system will automatically debit the payment source that you selected on the appropriate date.

Automatic payments are a great option for those that are busy, or worried about forgetting to make a payment on time. After selection this option, enter the date that you wish the amount to be debited on, as well as your payment information. This method can be left alone, or changed as often as you wish.

Other P.C. Richard & Sons Credit Card Payment Options

Checks and money orders should be sent to GE Money Bank. The address for mailing will be included with the monthly billing statement. This address is also available online at the GE Money Bank website. In store payments are not accepted.

Telephone payments can be made by calling the toll free number on the back of your card. There may be a small fee for using this method. Telephone payments can be done using a touch-tone phone, or by speaking to a live customer service representative.

P.C. Richard & Sons Credit Card Benefits

Those that own this card will be able to take advantage of no interest promotions. The time period for zero interest will vary depending on the type of product that is purchased. These no interest promotions range from a period of six months, to as long as twenty-four months. These promotions do change from time to time. Therefore it is important to visit the company website for the most recent list of promotions.

Those that wish to finance appliances and electronics are the ones that stand to benefit the most by owning this card. With thousands of items to choose from, and plenty of no interest based promotions, this product offers an excellent way to purchase items without incurring large amounts of interest.

Credit Card Tips

Types of Instant Approval Credit Cards

There are at least three different kinds of instant approval credit cards. The type is based on who uses the card.

Bad Credit Instant Approval Credit Card: People who have bad credit still need credit cards to conduct their business. Recognizing this, card companies offer deals that are not as attractive as what people with good credit receive, but if accounts are kept current, the system works. Most often, these instant approval credit cards come with high service charges and may even require a secured loan agreement.

Something must be posted for collateral in the event the bill isn’t paid in a timely fashion. Then the lender can take some possession in lieu of the payment should the cardholder default. Another way that those with bad credit can receive a card is if their income has changed or they have better income possibilities than when they let their credit score slide. If the projections are good, a card may be issued as unsecured.

Fair Credit Instant Approval Credit Card: People with less than perfect credit scores can usually get an instant approval credit card if their income projection is good and they are not in default on any bills. If a person with fair credit does not have a steady income, the card provider may feel it appropriate to have collateral to cover any possible default.

Student Instant Approval Credit Cards: The issuance of student credit cards relies heavily on the credit rating of the parents. Even though students are often of legitimate age and considered adults, they may have no source of income or very limited credit history. These cards usually require a parent to cosign before the card will be issued.

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