PNC Credit Card Payment Online

Online payments will need to be made at the PNC website. First time users will need to click the “Enroll Now” button on the online services web page. If already enrolled, click the “Log In Now” button instead. Once logged in you will be able to view different information about your account. This includes what the current balance is, as well as what the current minimum payment due is.

To make a payment, click the “Pay Bill” option. This will allow you to enter the amount you would like to pay. You will be prompted to enter how you would like to pay this amount. Accepted payment forms include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and direct bank account submission. After this information is entered, submit the transaction. If it is successful, a receipt will be generated.

It is possible to store this information for future payments. Payments can be made on a one time each basis, or on a automatic recurring basis. For recurring, the payment type and information must be stored, and a date selected. This will allow the bill to be paid automatically each month.

Other PNC Payment Credit Card Payment Options

Though online bill pay is the most popular option, other methods do exist. Mailed payments should be sent to the following address:

PNC Bank Credit Card
PO Box 856177
Louisville KY 40285

Cash is not accepted through the mail. Checks and money orders are accepted. Allow several days for arrival, and always send this form well in advance of the due date.

It is also possible to pay via telephone by calling: 1-800-474-2101

PNC Credit Card Benefits

There are four different card types: Cashbuilder, Points, Everyday Rewards, and Flex. Cashbuilder offers users 1.25% (or more) cash back on all purchases. Points offers rewards in the form of four points for each dollar spent. These points can be redeemed for a number of different rewards. Flex offers lower interest rates on balance transfers.

Everyday Rewards has the most complicated reward system, as it is tiered. However, this product may benefit card holders the most. Cash back percentages vary, depending on what is purchased. Four percent is offered on gasoline, two percent is offered on groceries and restaurant purchases. Limits do apply.

None of these products have an annual fee, and all offer an introductory zero percent interest rate. One of the largest benefits of these products is the chance to secure a low interest rate. Interest rates as low as 11.99% are available to those that have a good credit score. The highest rate would be 19.99%. Cash advances are available at most ATM’s. The cost of a cash advance is either four percent of the total, or a flat $10 fee.

Credit Card Tips

Set Up Automatic Credit Card Payments

To set up automatic credit card payments, you can either make contact with your credit card company online or by telephone. If you visit their website, you can usually find the information you need for auto pay at a tab such as “Product Services.”

If you don’t have success locating that, consider sending an email by clicking the “Contact Us” tab. If you prefer to speak with someone instead, just call the number on your monthly statement or shown on the website. Your provider will give you the process steps necessary to provide the information so you can set up your account accordingly.

In some cases, the credit card provider can take your information over the phone and fill in the form for you. Most companies have the same form that you can complete online digitally.

You are responsible for giving the credit card company the right bank account to take the payment from each month, whether you use a savings or checking account. The bank and account holder’s name is not the only information necessary. You will also need the account and routing numbers. These are located on every check you have, at the bottom, first the routing number followed by the account number.

You may have as many as four options on what you pay every month. Generally, you can pay the balance due, a set amount each month, or the minimum payment. Some auto pay plans even allow payment of a percentage of the balance.

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