ShopNBC Credit Card Payment

There are two versions of the ShopNBC credit card. These are a basic issue that is good only for shopping with ShopNBC, and a MasterCard that can be used virtually anywhere. Neither issue carries an annual fee, and both has a rewards system in place. Both can be used for telephone, as well as online purchases. While they are similar in some ways, there are differences.

ShopNBC Credit Card Payment

There are several ways to pay your monthly bill. Payments in the form of check or money orders can be mailed to the payment processing center. When mailing, be sure to include the statement slip from the bottom portion of the bill. Also be sure to write your account number in the “for” section of your check or money order. This step ensures proper processing should your statement slip become separated from your payment.

Online payments are also accepted. These are processed through GE Money Bank. Registration, as well as acceptance of their website user agreement is required. In addition to having the ability to pay the monthly bill online, this registration allows user to be able to view statements, request a limit increase, update information, add authorized credit users, and download their spending activity into their financial software. All major credit and debit cards are accepted for online payment.

Telephone payments can also be made. This can be done by speaking to a live representative, or by using the automatic payment system. The automated system allows you to enter the card number you will be using for payment using the touch pad on your telephone. This will not work if you use a rotary phone.

Both of these cards can be applied for online. These are not high risk products, and a fair to good credit score will be required for approval. Both of these options are excellent for those that use ShopNBC frequently. Those that wish to have a MasterCard only may want to consider a different issue, as there are other MasterCard products that offer a higher level of rewards.

Benefits of ShopNBC Credit Card

Both cards offer new users a $25 credit upon opening an account. Both offer free shipping deals, which can save users up to $250 yearly. Both offer special financing and deals throughout the year, and both allow users to charge their ValuePay purchases. This is the extent of the benefits for the basic card. The MasterCard offers even more.

The MasterCard issue features the ability to receive cash advances at ATM’s, zero fraud liability on spending both online and off, MasterRental insurance, Purchase assurance, Travel assistance, and RoadAssist road side services. Additionally, this issue offers a $10 credit on the billing statement for each $1,000 spent. There is no limit as to how much can be earned, and there is no restriction as to where to shop to earn.

The interest rate for both of these issues vary, and will be directly tied to credit worthiness. The rate does fluctuate as the prime interest rate moves. Some, but not all, may incur a monthly maintenance fee.

Credit Card Tips

When Is A Credit Card Payment Considered Late?

Many people want to know how a credit card payment considered late is actually determined.

The terms listed in your account agreement are what will typically determine when your credit card payment is considered late. If you are careful to be sure that your payments are received no later than the due date listed on your account statement, you can rest assured that your payments are not going to be considered late.

Fortunately, payments are protected by a Credit Card Act which stipulates that payments with a due date falling on a day that the lender is unavailable to accept a payment or receive mail, then the payment will be considered on time if the lender receives this payment prior to the end of the following business day.

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