Staples Credit Card Payment

Online payments should be made via the customer account page. To get started, visit this page and complete the free registration. There is no fee associated with using this service. The same website page can be used for payment personal and business account bills.

Once the registration is complete, log into your account by entering your user name and password. Once logged in, you will be able to see the total amount you owe, as well as what the minimum payment due is. There will be a “Pay My Bill” button. Click this button to proceed to the payment page. On this page, enter the amount you would like to pay, and select what method you will use. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX are accepted. Bank drafts are also accepted. Enter the proper information, and complete the form completely before submitting the transaction.

It is possible to set up automatic bill pay. The option to do this will be located on the account overview page. The method of paying the bill, as well as the date on which you would like for this to happen each month, will need to be entered. Once this is completed, submit the request. A confirmation page will be shown if automatic bill pay setup is successful.

Other Staples Credit Card Payment Options

To mail a payment, use the address that is listed on the paper billing statement you receive. Checks and money orders should be made payable to “Staples” and should be mailed ten days before the due date to ensure timely processing. Do include the stub portion of the bill, and do include the account number on the front of the check or money order.

The general address for mailing your bill is:

P.O. Box 689020
Des Moines, IA 50368-9020

The address for overnight bill submissions is:

Attn: Staples
4740 121st Street
Urbandale, IA 50323

Bills can also be paid by calling the customer service number. This number is: 1-800-767-1291.

Staples Credit Card Benefits

As much as 10% can be earned on popular products purchased at Staples. This includes: ink, toner, paper, and print center purchases. Used toner cartridges can be returned to store locations, and will earn you a $3 credit for each. Free shipping is available on purchases of at least $50 at the online store.

There is no annual fee, and there is no limit as to how many rewards can be earned on qualifying purchases. There is a limit to the number of toner cartridges that can be returned for credit each month. This limit is currently set at 10. There are both standard and business accounts available, and each offer these benefits.

Credit Card Tips

Tips on Establishing Payment for Credit Cards

The use of credit cards amounts to a great many transactions every day. According to estimates, there are more than 640,000,000 credit cards circulating today. Every year, credit cards account for 1-1/2 trillion dollars in purchases by consumers.

Shift the Payment Date: Your credit card payment might come at the same time of the month as many of your other bills, making it difficult to make even the minimum payment. If you explain this to your provider, there is a good chance you can get a different day of the month to pay the bill. Understand that it is completely at the credit card provider’s option whether to change your payment date or not.

Find Out the Different Payment Options: You may elect to pay a certain amount each month without worrying about what the balance might be. Talk to a manager at the credit card provider’s customer service center about having a revolving plan for payments. You can probably do the same setup online by supplying a bank account or debit card. Once you have your payment plan in place, you won’t be bothered with billing and you can alter the plan schedule whenever you like.

Things to Consider: Fees and interest cost a great deal if you do not pay off your entire balance each month and pay on time. Send your payment early enough that it will arrive by the day it is due. Especially, if you are paying by way of the post office, allow at least five days for the funds to get there. It may not always be possible to pay the entire balance, but you should pay as much as you can to prevent interest charges.

You may be waiting for your provider to change the day your payment is due. During that time, not the day you make your request, interest will accumulate until the date is officially changed. You will still need to make payment as before until the new date is confirmed.

Beware of Credit Rating Issues: Failure to make payments for more than three months will usually cause a drop in your credit rating and may even put you in collections. This is assured if you go 180 days without payment.

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