Tj Maxx Credit Card Payment

Chase was the previous issuer of this card. The new issuer is GE Money Bank. Online payments will not need to be made through the GE Money Bank website. Once you have completed the website registration, log into your account. There will be three choices: one time payment, future dated payments, and automatic payments.

A one time payment is just that. A one time amount sent from you to the company. If this is the type of payment you wish to make, select this option. You will need to enter the amount you wish to pay, followed by entering how you would like to make this payment. All major credit and debit cards are accepted.

Future payments can be set up much in the same way as a one time bill paying. The only difference is that you will be presented with the option to choose a date on which you would like for the payment to be initiated. Once you have selected the date, payment amount, and payment method, simply submit.

Automatic payments can be set up to pay the bill on a specific date each month. This type of payment only needs to be established once, and then it can be left alone unless you wish to make changes to the payment date or method. To use this method, select the automatic option, and then select a date and enter your bill pay information.

Other TJ Maxx Credit Card Payment Options

The monthly bill can also be paid over the phone. There is a small charge for this service. To use this system, call the phone number on the back of the card and speak to a customer service representative.

Checks and money orders can be mailed in. These should be directed to the address on the billing statement. This address will send the money directly to GE Money Bank, where it will be processed and posted to your account.

In store payments are not accepted.

TJ Maxx Credit Card Benefits

This card is a MasterCard, and will be accepted virtually worldwide. Additionally, it is accepted at affiliated stores such as Marshall’s, HomeGoods, and A.J. Wright. Whenever the card is used at TJ Maxx, or one of these affiliated stores, reward points can be earned. The current rate is one point for each dollar spent. It takes a total of 1,000 points to receive a $10 gift certificate. This gift certificate is automatically issued, and redeeming the points is not necessary.

Those with a good credit score will be rewarded with a lower interest rate. Those with an average credit score will likely receive a rate that is in the 19% range. Other benefits include all of those that are associated with owning and using a MasterCard product.

Credit Cards Tips

Use Credit Cards Wisely

The best advice you will ever get is to pay your credit card bill the moment you receive it and if you can’t pay it all, make additional payments as soon as you have the money because interest is charged every day on the balance.

If you have a remaining balance, pay more than the bill shows as a minimum required. If you pay more the monthly minimum will go down. When the minimum drops, don’t stop paying the amount you were paying before it dropped. That is how you will be able to pay off the balance.

Only use one credit card for rewards because attempting to use more will only dilute the points you receive and will make it difficult for you ever to receive any appreciable number of points on any card.

Move balances on high interest rate cards to a new low interest rate card, and never use the higher rate card again. Using only one card makes it easier to pay your debt as opposed to having multiple bills each month.

Many people have revolving debt, and that is why moving it to a card with a zero or low interest rate is so important. After moving the debt, you should not make new purchases because they will be charged a higher rate than the balance transfer will, while payments will be placed toward the transferred low interest balance. Until the balance is paid, any new charges will be very expensive.

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