Toys R Us Credit Card Payment Options

Having children comes with a lot of responsibility but it also comes with lots of toys! It is almost guaranteed that a family with a child in the US has been to Toys R Us more than once. Children love to go to the store as an event and can spend hours in the aisles looking at the toys and playing with the demos. Any family who spends time at Toys R Us has probably considered signing up for the store’s MasterCard but might hesitate because of lack of information about Toys R Us Credit Card Payment program.

Applying for the credit card is easy. There are applications at every store. If you can’t find the application just ask a sales clerk. Usually you can fill it out there and then hand it to the clerk when you are finished. Babies R Us also has a MasterCard program and another option is to apply online at either website or the stores. Remember that you are applying for a MasterCard so you will be able to use it anywhere, not just Toys R Us and/or Babies R Us.

To sign up online go to You can even use the Toys R Us MasterCard to shop at the online store. The online store for both Toys R Us and Babies R Us offers everything you can buy at the bricks and mortar store with the added convenience of having it shipped right to your door. The site is very user friendly and gives you the option to choose which category you want to search in. There is also a “What’s New” section that let’s you see the latest toys and baby accessories.

An added benefit to using the Toys R Us and/or Babies R Us MasterCard is that you can earn savings and reward benefits each time you use it at either store. There is a points system that rewards you four points on every dollar and the more points you accumulate the more you save. For example, at 1,000 points there is a 10% discount certificate that you can purchase with the points and use at any of the ‘R Us entities such as the bricks and mortar stores or the websites, and When you use the MasterCard outside of the store you are still able to earn points. You can earn one point on the dollar for these purchases. It is possible to accumulate as much as 24,000 points in a year if you use the card enough.

Keep in mind that the rewards you can get in exchange for the points you accumulate can only be used at Toys R Us and Babies R Us stores. Even though you can earn points from using the card outside the store, the rewards are store specific.

The Toys R Us credit card payment is made easy for you by having an online payment option or in store payment option. There is also the age old staple of mailing the payment to the credit card center. The next time your children want to go to the toy playground known as Toys R Us make sure that you are receiving benefits as well.

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Online Payment Questions

Do you ever wonder why your online payment was not credited on the same day that you made it?

The first rule is that the transaction that you made must have been made during the date that it was received.

The bank can make a few other rules for the transactions made, including a cut-off time. That time is usually at 5pm or later. The transactions that are made after the 5 o’clock thresh hold will then show up the next business day. If the bank rules for the said payments on your statement, but the accepted transactions made didn’t make the requirements, the bank will the credit the transaction within 5 days.

If the bank promoted electronic transaction was made on that website, the payment that was made on that day will then be credited to the bank. So most banks that have so much requirements will have to deal with questions daily.

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    Agreed, making a payment is quite a task. I try to bookmark the page, but always says “this page no longer exists”, plus the payment option is not an “easy find”. Chase/Toys R Us-fix this!!!!

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